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These noodles rock! The oat noodles are just amazing - just the right amount of bounce & bite, and super delicious. My son, a fussy eater, loved the soy scallion. Finished all 4 packets in 2 days. The Sichuan one too was good. We prefer it a bit spicier & added more chili oil before we slurp these noodles up. Am a fan!

A Healthier Alternative to An Asian Household Staple

We (including my 2 year old daughter) love this healthier alternative to what many asian households consider a staple: instant noodles. It's delicious and the oat doesn't compromise on any of the traditional flavours that you would similarly find in noodle restaurants in China, etc. It also is well-portioned for a quick lunch or for a heartier snack and there is enough sauce to also drizzle or mix/add onto any veggies or protein you may add to compliment the noodles. This will definitely be our new to-go!

High quality

very good quality noodles, can taste from the product. I love both the soy scallion and tingly chilli oil, they have rich aromatic smell and tastes. I would definitely buy more





Restaurant quality

These "instant noodles" taste better than some restaurants I've been to. It doesn't really taste instant at all, the only thing instant about it is the prep time.



Amazing Noodles

The taste is really authentic, and the noodle tastes fresher and healthier than any other instant noodles. Highly recommended for a quick and easy meal is a busy day!!

Soy Scallion Oil 👍

Tried both flavors, but I'm vibing with the Soy Scallion one. Ended up buying another pack, but this time just the soy scallion flavor one!

Appreciate this from a Vegan

Finding tasty instant vegan food is tough. Really happy to see these so gave it a shot and to my surprise, they taste really good. The noodles are not soggy with a very nice bouncy texture and the sauce is super flavorful.



My kids love it

I try to avoid cooking instant noodles for my kids, but seeing how these are not deep fried and also contains oats with added nutrients, I decided to cook this for them and to my surprise, they really really liked it! I'm planning to stock up a few packs at home in case I need to cook a quick meal for the family!

A bit pricier than other instant noodles, but worth it

Was skeptical at first because it's pricier than regular instant noodles out there. But I understood why after I tried it, you can really taste the quality and it doesn't make you feel like crap after eating it, unlike instant noodles. Also, the portion seems larger than other noodles, example is Indomie, I would need to eat at least 2 packs. With Nommii, 1 pack is more than enough.

Spicy and yummy

The spice level is perfect, a nice kick without being in pain afterwards. Vegan, convenient, and healthier than fried noodles – a win-win! These have become my go-to for a quick and satisfying meal.


The noodles have a satisfying bite. The sauce is also very tasty and usually these soy based sauces are just salty and lack flavor, but not this one, the scallion taste really comes through. It's my new go-to comfort food.



Addictively Spicy

The numbing sensation adds a unique twist that keeps me coming back for more.





Very Convenient

Ordered the variety pack so I could try all the flavors and ended up liking both!

Great quality, filling and tasty

The noodles have a very nice texture, similar to fresh noodles. I also really liked the flavor, which is not common in store-bought noodles. And as a bonus, it's made with oats, so it's lighter on the stomach than wheat noodles 👌

Instant noodles that make you feel good

Great noodles with more authentic flavors and textures.

Because it’s not fried you feel much better afterwards.

Would defo recommend!

Very tasty noodles

Tried oat noodles for the first time and really liked it! Very easy to prepare and it also comes with a nice sauce ☺️
Will definitely order again !

Noodles worthy of a full-meal experience

The scallion oil noodles have the perfect springy texture that does not taste like it has been deep-fried or will turn into mush. The cooking instructions are easy to follow and it is definitely good to combine with veggies and a protein to have a fulfilling meal. I'm happy that I don't need to go through the arduous process of making my own scallion oil as these noodles will fulfill those cravings.